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5 Aspects you must take care before filing for divorce

1.PROPERTY- If you and your spouse jointly owned properties and you are planning to file a divorce then you should mutually divide the shares of the joint properties before filing a mutual divorce.
2BANK ACCOUNTS - If you and your spouse both having bank account jointly, then before filing mutual divorce you should separate your bank accounts.

3. ALIMONY - Alimony is a type of monetary compensation granted to the spouse who is unable to support himself/herself by the other spouse during or after the divorce proceedings. You and your spouse can mutually decide on the alimony part before filing mutual divorce.
4. INVESTMENTS - If you and your spouse have bought jointly owned assets (like Mutual Funds, Shares, Jewellery, cash, vehicle, etc. then you can sell the entire assets and divided into two parts.
5. CUSTODY OF CHILD:- It is also decide mutually between both the parties that the permanent custody of child shall remain exclusively with (father or mother of the child).