5 Aspects you must take care before filing for divorce

1.PROPERTY- If you and your spouse jointly owned properties and you are planning to file a divorce then you should mutually divide the shares of the joint properties before filing a mutual divorce.
2BANK ACCOUNTS - If you and your spouse both having bank account jointly, then before filing mutual divorce you should separate your bank accounts.

3. ALIMONY - Alimony is a type of monetary compensation granted to the spouse who is unable to support himself/herself by the other spouse during or after the divorce proceedings. You and your spouse can mutually decide on the alimony part before filing mutual divorce.
4. INVESTMENTS - If you and your spouse have bought jointly owned assets (like Mutual Funds, Shares, Jewellery, cash, vehicle, etc. then you can sell the entire assets and divided into two parts.
5. CUSTODY OF CHILD:- It is also decide mutually between both the parties that the permanent custody of child shall remain exclusively with (father or mother of the child).

5 Ways to Avoid Alimony

Alimony refers to court-ordered payments awarded to a spouse or former spouse within a separation or divorce agreements. The reason behind it is to provide financial support to the spouse who makes a lower income, or in some cases, no income at all.

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5 Ways to avoid Alimony

1.Alimony Could Be Avoided if wife is Guilty of InfidelityYes, That's RightIn Case if Wife is Guilty of Infidelity then, The Chance of avoiding Alimony are there.if infidelity on the behalf of one of the partners is proven, it can help to take alimony for that spouse off the table.Proving infidelity is no easy task, as you will need actual proof, such as multiple witnesses, photographs, video, or other incriminating evidence.
2.Alimony can be avoided if the wife earns wellWhen the wife is earning really well, alimony part will depend on the discretion of the court.

Normally the court will look into the husband and wife’s financial status. If their incomes have variation and the c…

5 Must Know Legal Rights For Every Women In India

5 Must Know Legal Rights For Every Women In India.

Free Legal AID 
According to a Delhi High Court ruling, whenever a rape is reported, the SHO has to bring this to the notice of the Delhi Legal Services Authority. The legal body then arranges for a lawyer for the victim.
Right to privacy while recording statementUnder section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a woman who has been raped can record her statement before the district magistrate when the case is under trial, and no one else needs to be present. Alternatively, she can record the statement with only one police officer and woman constable in a convenient place that is not crowded and does not provide any possibility of the statement being overheard by a fourth person.
Time doesn't matterThe police cannot refuse to register an FIR even if a considerable period of time has elapsed since the incident of rape or molestation took place. If the police tells you that they can't lodge your FIR since you didn't report it ea…

9 Stages Of Criminal case Procedure in India

9 Stages Of Criminal Case Procedures in  India 1. Registration For F.I.RFirst Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. It is a report of information that reaches the police first in point of time and that is why it is called the First Information Report.
When information about the commission of a cognizable offence is given orally, the police must write it down. It is your right as a person giving information or making a complaint to demand that the information recorded by the police is read over to you.
2. Commencement of Investigations When information about the commission of a cognizable offence is given orally, the police must write it down. * It is your right as a person giving information or making a complaint to demand that the information recorded by the police is read over to you.
3. Framing of Charges 
One basic requirement of a fair trial in criminal jurisprudence is to giv…

Types Of Child Custody In India

Types Of ChildCustody In India 
Physical Custody -In physical custody, a child lives with the custodial parent and undertakes all the day to day activities.Joint Physical Custody -Joint physical custody, also called shared physical custody, means that your child spends substantial time living with both parents and both parents have equal responsibility to physically care for your child.
Sole Custody - One parent has been proven to be an abusive and unfit parent and the other parent is granted custody.

Third Party Custody: In third party custody, none of the biological parents have any right on the child. Instead, the child custody is granted to the third person by the court.

5 Steps to Become To Become Government Lawyer

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree Most law schools require that applicants possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited school. There is no specific field of study required for aspiring lawyers. While degrees in English, history, government or a related field are common, a bachelor's degree in government provides instruction in public law and policy, political theory and American politics. Knowledge in these areas may impress government employers during job searches. Step 2: Take the LSAT Law schools require that applicants submit Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores. These tests, which many students take during their junior year of undergraduate study, cover areas such as critical thinking and analytical skills. The LSAT is a gauge to determine whether students have the aptitude to study law. Prepare for the exam. Some companies offer prep classes for the LSAT. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), law school admission is highly competitive. Preparing …

3 Top legal Reasons For Divorce | Divorce Law

In This Blog We will Share Top 4  Legal Reasons For Divorce. So let's Get Started:-

3 Top Legal Reasons For Divorce #1 Living Apart at Least One Year Living separated means the life partners don't expect to live respectively any longer or be a piece of each other's lives.

The life partners' expectation to live separated is less demanding to appear in the event that they don't live under a similar rooftop any longer.

In any case, a life partner can petition for separate regardless of whether the companions live under a similar rooftop by demonstrating the aim to live independently. For instance, the life partner can demonstrate that they

live in discrete rooms,

have no sexual relationship,

converse with each other next to no or not in the slightest degree,

try not to do any family unit errands together (e.g., get ready dinners or do each other's clothing),

purchase their staple goods independently,

try not to eat together, and

have isolate social lives.

The judg…